​​​​iEnVizion knows that having your parts in your hands on time is critical to your company and product’s success, so we pride ourselves on-time (or early) shipment of parts.

rapid Prototyping & 3d Printing

3D Printing

  • Your fastest turn around of 3d PRINTED parts 
  • small &large 3d pRINTING
    • up tO 10FT X 10FTR X 4FT 3d PRINTS
  • Lead times as short as 1 day
  • Print metals & plastics available

​Machining Prototyping & SHORT Production RUNS

  • functional prototypes
  • commercial-grade components
  • durable jigs and fixtures
  • Our milling and turning capabilities can produce complex parts in as fast as 1 day. 

Multi-part Assemblies

  • provide partial or complete prototype assembly
  • Lead times as short as 1 week.
  • We coordinate the procurement of custom and off-the shelf components to build your assembly fast.


  • complex board DESIGN
  • design to desk in as fast as 3 days
  • low-volume PCB assembly